Consulting and Advisory Services

Boards and C Suite Services


Boards and senior executives must oversee their internal risk and compliance teams. You must be able to allocate resources properly to these internal teams and measure their performance. 

Professional risk and compliance practices today, including internal audit practices, do not require collaboration or integration. That means that if even the best accepted practices are followed by each individual team, you may not be getting complete and reliable information.

I can assess and critique your risk and compliance reports and suggest improvements to improve the completeness and reliability of their outputs and suggest efficiencies and tools for their use.

Risk and Compliance Advisory Services

Understand the critical activities that add value to your business. Identify and assess  the risks that must be managed to add and preserve that value. Determine the best strategies for managing those risks. Discover the tools and capabilities that are necessary to succeed. Allocate the right risk and compliance resources to the right tasks. Coordinate and report the results. Adopt technology that supports your goals. 

Webcasts and White Papers

Advocate technology to effectively streamline risk and compliance activities. Enormous opportunity exists for the adoption of digital innovation by risk and compliance professionals. Promote best practices and innovation to internal and external audiences. Drive discussion and engagement

Speaking Engagements

Team meetings, internal events and professional conferences offer opportunities to engage and motivate employees, share experiences and  promote products, best practices and success stories.


Every business has unique circumstances and challenges in implementing risk and compliance practices. Dogmatic approaches won't work. Software provides both opportunity and challenges. Innovation and creativity can drive user engagement and data reliability. 

I do not recommend or promote any specific software product. I can help you determine the capabilities needed for your implementation. I can assist you in connecting the dots to provide aggregated reports across silos.

Terms and Conditions

I can customize services to your specific needs.