Rethinking Risk and Compliance

Rethinking Risk and Compliance

Rethinking Risk and ComplianceRethinking Risk and ComplianceRethinking Risk and Compliance

Challenge. Reinterpre.Find the bright side of risk.


What I Do

What Drives Me

I want to make risk and compliance work to benefit the business. Insights from risk and compliance initiatives can become a strategic resource for the business. I believe we are at a tipping point. Practices are inefficient.Valuable information lies hidden within the specialized silos. Cross silo reporting is the next step in the evolution of the profession.

The Technical Stuff

Its time to connect the dots and aggregate risk and compliance findings across the silos. Methodology matters. Taxonomy is critical. Accountability must be clear. Simplicity engages the business. No one size fits all. Keep the silos. Leverage and consolidate the wisdom they provide.

My Expertise

I have years of  successful experience training and advising Fortune 500 and Public Sector clients globally in all industry sectors on risk and compliance matters. I have been a practitioner and a business  executive in all aspects of risk and compliance management. I understand the power and limits of technology.

 I am a published author, and a seasoned facilitator and speaker.